After all my research, I am ready to answer my initial question: Why was mythology so important to the Greeks, and how has it affected us today?

weatherMythology was so important to the Greeks because it explained natural phenomenons that they couldn’t explain. Such things include the weather, the creation of the earth, night and day, and the seasons. We can now explain all of those with science and the technology we have developed, so we have no need for beliefs like Greek mythology. It also gave them something to believe in to get them through bad times in their life, as well as give them a sense of security. Without Greek mythology, they would have a whole different life and we might find our world today being a lot different as well.

*For a more detailed explanation, go to The Importance of Mythology.

Greek mythology has also contributed a lot to our daily life, even though we might not know it. The Olympics, movies, books, games, astrology, company names, architectural design and city names have all been influenced by Greek mythology in some way. Without Greek mythology, a lot of these things would either not exist, or have very different names or appearances.

*For a more detailed explanation go to Greek Mythology Today.

In conclusion, mythology was and is very important, to us and the Greeks. In my opinion it is important for children to continue learning it in school for the sole reason that is has had a big impact on our life. I don’t even want to think about what our world would be like if Greek mythology never existed.