Mythology – What is it?

What is a Myth?

mythA myth is a widely held but false belief or idea in the form of a traditional story. They often explain the early history of a people or some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involve supernatural beings and animals.

What is Mythology?

Mythology is a collection of myths, especially belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition. Many people study myths from all different kinds of cultures, but I have decided to research and analyze Greek mythology.

Why Greek Mythology?

I decided to choose Greek mythology because it is one of the most popular kinds of mythology, and I find it the most interesting. There is lots of information all over the internet regarding Greek mythology, and the myths themselves are intriguing. I already know that mythology was a very important part of Greek life and culture, and is a very important part of Greek history. My question is: Why was Greek mythology so important to them, and how has it affected us today? But before I answer that question, I need to go over the basics of mythology, some important gods, goddesses and myths, as well as some of the history of Greek mythology.