General Information

apolloGender: Male

Appearance: Apollo was a handsome, youthful and strong god with golden hair. He was often seen wearing laurel leaves in his hair.

Personality: Apollo was energetic, cheerful, wise, honest and kind, but sometimes he could be jealous. He believed in law and order, and that with the right amount of laws society could be happy and peaceful. He was also an overachiever and hated when people insulted the ones he loved.

Roles and Responsibilities: Apollo invented the lute, but he was more known to play the lyre. He excelled in music contests, where he often competed against Hermes.

God of: Music and prophecy. He was also known to be the god of light, medicine and healing.

Power: Apollo was often pictured with a silver bow, and he could shoot arrows to bring disease and plague to mortals.

Symbols: Lyre, tripod, laurel tree, navel stone.


apollo statueParents: Zeus and Leto were the parents of Apollo. He was born on the Greek Island of Delos.

Siblings: Apollo had a twin sister named Artemis, but that was his only true sibling. His half siblings were Athena, Hermes, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaestus and Persephone.

Wife: Apollo didn’t have a wife, however he had relationships with two nymphs named Cyrene and Daphne, and also with a mortal named Coronis.

Children: He had four children named Asclepius, Orpheus, Troilus and Aristaeus.