General Information

demeterGender: Female

Appearance: Demeter usually wore a dark cloak and held a sword in her hands. She also had rich-hair and slender feet.

Personality: Demeter was very modest and shy, and also understanding, respectful and generous. However, she could become very fierce when angry.

Roles and Responsibilities: Demeter was the goddess who provided all nutrition on Earth and taught mortals how to cultivate the Earth and ease life. Demeter was most appreciated for introducing wheat to mankind.

Goddess of: Corn, harvest and grain.

Power: It was believed that Demeter made the crops grow; thus the first loaf of bread made from the annual harvest was offered to her.

Symbols: Wheat, crocus flower, narcissus, myrtle, daffodils.


demeter statueParents: Cronus and Rhea were Demeter’s parents.

Siblings: Demeter had three brothers: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. She also had two sisters, Hestia and Hera.

Husband: Demeter had a child with Zeus, however they never got married.

Children: Demeter had one daughter named Persephone.